Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions

To make a reservation just click on the car of your choice and fill in all the fields .You will get an answer as soon as possible to confirm your reservation. You can also make a reservation directly by mail or a call during office hours.
Rental Rates
The rental rate is based on a 24 hour period.The minimum rental period is 2 days.
Driving Age and Authorized Drivers
The minimum age to rent a car at Noordstar is 23 years of age. In case a driver is 21 years,the deposit will be higher.Driver must be in possession of a valid drivers licence for at least 3 years. An authorized driver is the renter or an additional driver with a valid drivers licence,who is listed on the agreement. If any other person drives the car ,he or she will be fully responsible for any damage caused to the car or any other vehicle.
Upon signing the contract we will make an authorization of $500 on the credit card. Payment of rental period can be completed upon return rental car. We accept : Cash : Ant.guilders Us dollars Euros Debit card maestro (cirrus) Credit card : master card / visa card
Gasoline Policy
The renter must refill the tank to the same level as he / she received the car . If the rental car is not refilled ,renter will pay a fuel charge of $ 15 per quart tank. If renter returns the car with more gasoline , we will not compensate by refunding him for the excess of gasoline.

Liability & Insurance

Loss or damage of vehicle
Renter is responsible for any damage to , or loss of the car ,or parts of it up to the deductable amount of $500. In case of an accident, you are required to call the Curacao Road Service (5999 199 )for a damage report. Without the damage report the insurance company will notprocess the claim and renter will be fully responsible for all damage to both cars. The same applies for loss or damage to such items as GPS system , childseat, keys ,jack,handle etc. Our cars can not be used for car ralleys,towing other cars and other extreme uses. Renter is responsible for all traffic violations and parking fees.
Third party Liabillity
Renter is covered for damage of the car if third party is responsible for the accident. Full cover insurance is possible for an additional $15 a day.